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Before installing this plugin you must have the RSEvents Pro extension installed.

You also need an account with https://stripe.com

API Keys

You will need two API keys from your Stripe account. After logging into stripe.com click the down arrow next to your username and select Account Settings

stripe dash

Next, click on the API tab and find your Live Publishable Key and Live Secret Keys. You'll need these in a few minutes.

stripe apikeys

Plugin Installation

Install the Stripe for RSEvents Pro plugin as you would install any other Joomla extension and go to your plugin manager and make sure that it is enabled.

Plugin Configuration

The settings for this plugin are in the are in the Joomla plugin manager. Go to Extensions > Plugins > Stripe for RSEvents Pro

Fill in the following fields:

Secret key: Obtained from your Stripe account as outlined above.

Publishable key: Obtained from your Stripe account as outlined above.

License Key: This is the update/support key that's tied to your subscription with us. You can find it by logging into this site and going to My Account. This field is optional.

Image: This should be a 128px square image that will display on the top of the payment popup. It can be left blank for no image.

stripe popup

Click "Save and Close" at the top and your plugin is now configured and ready to be added to your events.

Configuring RSEvents Pro

Once you have added your events to RSEvents Pro you will need to add the Stripe payment option to the Event Registration settings.

rsevents payment options

Save your event and the Stripe payment option should be available on the front-end for users.

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