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Rants and Raves

On a tear again...



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Readability is probably one of, if not the most important aspect of a web site's design. After all, what use is your site if it's an eye sore and no one can bare to look at it? Here are a few tips to help improve readability


Name That Font

Categories // Cool Stuff

Font searching made easy.

Fonts have been around since the invetnion of typesetting in the 1880's. After 130 years of technological advancement I can only guess there are tens of thousands of different fonts and styles out there. All too often I get a request for a logo design using a font that the customer has seen used somewhere else on the web. Sifting though the internet compairng fonts to find that exact font is usually a fruitless task.....until now.



Categories // Cool Stuff

Geek Art


So I got a little bored and had a Photoshop/Second Life creative spark.

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