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Self Healing Cloud Hosting.... Here We Come

Author // Matthew Baylor Categories // New Products / Services, Rants

If you haven't noticed, for the past month I have been having issues with the hosting account for this site.

Luckily, out of all of the sites NSWD hosts, only my own were effected. With the days and weeks of down-time I have had time to think of how we need to move forward and find a better, more reliable solution.

Enter Self-Healing VPS Cloud Hosting.

Self-Healing VPS Cloud Hosting is fairly new. Withought getting into the techical mumbo-jumbo, if there is a failure it re-creates your hosting account on new hardware on the cloud all on it's own.


What does this move mean for you?

More reliability, little to no downtime.

Better performance. Currently our shared accounts are on a normal VPS running 500MB of RAM. Our new cloud based VPS will run 1024MB of RAM.

Your own cPanel to manage email accounts, FTP accounts and files.

How will it impact cost wise?

Unfortunatly better reliability and performace costs a little more. I am working on redesigning our hosting plans and you may see a slight increase across the board.

One of  the changes we are implementing in step with this move is a different SSL certificates. We will no longer offer the basic SSL certificates. We will begin using the Extended Validation certificates so both http://yoursite.com and http://www.yoursite.com are both secured and not just one or the other. It will also make the users address bar green to signify the certificate level.

Hosting plan terms will be setup on re-occuring billing in monthly increments for 12 month periods. Annual, single payment plans will go away.

If you are on an annual subscription plan it will remain the same until the subscription ends.

When and How?

Sometime in January I will begin moving everything over. Moving your site will take aproximatly one day and the downtime during the move process will be minimal.  I will send out an email with specific dates when it comes time.

If you have your domain(s) registered with someone other than us please dig out the login info so when we are ready to move I can easily login and update the nameserver settings for the new servers.


About the Author

Matthew Baylor

Matthew Baylor

I'm a web designer, focused on sites developed using Joomla! for small and start-up businesses. I strive to create stong bonds with clients to provide world class support. I also managed the Joomla Extensions Directory Team from 2012-2016.

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