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Sell your digital products

NS DownloadShop is a fully-featured file selling extension for Joomla! Sell your audio, video, images, docs, pdf's, and zip archive files with ease.


Product Management

Descriptions, galleries, change logs, demos, quick links and restrictions and more.

Shopping Cart

Allow users to purchase multiple items with one transaction.

Payment Gateways

Accept payments via PayPal, 2Checkout, Pay Later and Stripe.com gateways.



Robust coupon system to offer discounts to users.

Responsive Design

Uses bootstrap to automatically scale to fix different device sizes.


Easily organize your products with built in categorization.


Access Management

Add users to Joomla groups on purchase and automatically remove them on expiration.

Membership Integration

Sell membership subscriptions using a 3rd party subscription extension to allow access to downloads by usergroup.

Newsletter Integration

Integrates with AcyMailing and MailChimp to add users to newsletter lists based on purchases.


Image Watermarks

Automatically add a watermark to your images to prevent unauthorized use of your image content.

Custom Fields

Customize your checkout fields with an easy to use field editor. Add textboxes, textblocks, radio buttons, checkboxes, select lists and Terms of Service.

Amazing Support

Get one-on-one ticket support with an active subscription!




Before purchasing this plugin, ensure you have the following:

  • Joomla 3.6+


Language Packs

The following language packs are included with this extension. If you are interested in providing a new language pack in exchange for a free subscription please contact us.

ar-AA Arabic

az-AZ Azerbaijani

da-DK Danish

de-DE German

el-GR Greek

en-GB English (UK)

en-US English (US)

es-ES Spanish

et-EE Estonian

fa-IR Farsi (Persian)

fr-FR French

he-IL Hebrew

hu_HU Hungarian

it-IT Italian

jp-JP Japanese

km-KH Khmer

lt-LT Lithuanian

lv-LV Latvian

mk-MK Macedonian

ms-MS Malaysia

nb-NO Norwegian

nl-NL Dutch

pl-PL Polish

pt-BR Portuguese (Brazilian)

pt-PT Portuguese (European)

ro-RO Romanian

ru-RU Russian

sr-RS Serbian (Cyrilic)

sr-YU Serbian (Latin)

sv-SE Swedish

sw-KE Swahili

ta-IN Tamil (India)

ta-LK Tamil (Sri Lanka)

tr-TR Turkish

uk-UA Ukrainian

vn-VN Vietnamese

zh-CN Chinese (Simplified)

zh-TW Chinese (Traditional)


Complete Still Needed In Work


All language strings must be human translated. We are not looking for 'machine translations' or translations by a tool such as Google or Bing Translate as they are often inaccurate. Before approving a subscription, your submission will be verified for accuracy. Partial translations will not be accepted. All stings must be accurately completed before they are accepted.


Change Log



Gain download access and support for six months to NS DownloadShop.

Price: 29.99 USD

As an added service, we'll install NS DownloadShop on one domain and style it to match one Joomla template for you.

This is an optional service. Installation and styling typically takes 5-7 business days and will be scheduled based on our availability.


  • You must provide FTP login information
  • You must provide a Super Admin account to your Joomla site
  • This service cannot be performed on a localhost
  • You must be using the latest version of Joomla
  • You will be responsible for loading products


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