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NS FontAwesome Pro

$ 4.99

Easily insert icons into articles, modules and menu items.

NS FontAwesome Pro inserts a button in the TinyMCE editor that allows easy insertion of icons.

nsfontawesomepro tinymce



Or, if you are using the popular JCE editor it places the button below the text box.

fapro button



The plugin uses a modal popup that includes an icon search selection tool so you can quickly select one of the 675 available FA4 icons.

fapro picker



You can also create pre-defined colors using a built in color picker as well as set pre-defined font sizes that will insert CSS classes so your can avoid using excess in-line styling.

fapro presets




Easily add FontAwesome fonts to menu items.

Note that this functionality may not work with your template if it does not use standard bootstrap classes. Be sure to check if your templates menu system uses bootstrap, because refunds are not availble. Read more.


fontawesome menu settigns



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