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NS Formula

$ 9.99

Allow your Joomla site users to calculate just about any formula you want!

Current operators include:

+ - addition
- - subtraction
* - multiplication
/ - division
^ - exponents
( ) - order of operations
sin - calculate sine of field
cos - calculate cosine of field
tan - calculate tangent of field
asin - calculate arcsine of field
acos - calculate arccosine of field
atan - calculate arctangent of field
abs - calculate absolute value of field
exp - calculate exponents
log - calculate natural logarithm (base E) of field
pow(x,y)  - calculate the value of x to the power of y


The admin side of the module allows you to insert a formula and define the labels for each field (Up to 6). 3 Result fields can returned in Integers, Floats, Ratios, Currency and Percentages. You can also set the number of decimal places.

TootTips can be turned on/off for each field with the ability to add your own text.

Reset button can be turned on/off as well as changing the button text.

Pure CSS. No more images to load. The fields and buttons are purly CSS. Colors can be changed by editing the style.css file.

Ability to set the label and entry field widths.

You can publish multiple instances of NS Formula on the same page without conflicts.



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