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NS NameSplit

$ 9.99

Searching for a way to collect users first and last names?

NS Name Split takes the core Joomla registration 'Name' field and converts it to 'First Name' and 'Last Name'. 

When a user registers on your site it will take the first and last name entries and insert them into the core Joomla Name field / table.

This method avoids core hacks so your site can be updated when new Joomla versions are released. Keeping the core name field intact ensures that other extensions can still use the name field to function normally.


This has not been tested with extensions that override the core Joomla registration. For example we have found issues when using K2 for registration, JomSocial and PayPlans for subscriptions as they already override the registration views.


So far we have successfully tested it with the following extensions:

SCLogin / JFBConnect by SourceCoast.
Email as Username by LunarHotel.
Ajax Register by


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