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This extensions is not available yet.

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Build a Recipe Website!

NS Recipe is a fully-featured recipe extension for Joomla! that allows you to efficiently manage a recipe/cookbook website.


Recipe Manager

A robust management tool with LOT of features.


Looks great on desktop, phones and tablets.

Front End Submission

All users to submit recipes.

Multi Language Support

Associate recipes or categories with different languages, users can switch on the front end with the built in language switcher

Adjustable Quantities

Users can easily change the ingredient quantities for the number of people they are cooking for.

Social Sharing

Share recipes on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google+ and more.

Nutrition Facts

Recipes can include Kcals, Carbs, Salt, Proteins for those that are trying to keep a healthy diet.

Price Management

Insert prices of ingredients so your users can easily see the average cost of a recipe.


Allow users to rate recipes with a built in rating system.


Easily link related recipes together using the built in tag system.

Print Recipes

Users can print just the recipe without printing everything else on the page.

Watermarks Images

Watermark your images to prevent others from swiping them.

Video Support

Add videos to your recipes to make them more interactive and enticing.

Shopping Lists

Users can create and print ingredient lists.

Meal Planner

Drag and drop meal planner helps users plan their meals ahead of time.

Multiple Layouts

Single column, dual column or thumbnails. Plenty of options to suit your needs.

Search Module & Plugin

Extends the native Joomla search (and smart search). The search module allows searches based on including or excluding ingredients.

JomSocial Integration

Display users favorites and their created recipes in their profiles.

EasySocial Integration

Display user activity, user points and badges.

Komento Integration

Use the robust features of Komento to allow recipe comments.


Optimized for Google, recipes include schema.org standards by adding all the metadata Google loves to use to index your recipes.



Before purchasing this plugin, ensure you have the following:

  • Joomla 3.7.5+

Language Packs

The following language packs are included with this extension. If you are interested in providing a new language pack in exchange for a free subscription please contact us.

ar-AA Arabic

az-AZ Azerbaijani

da-DK Danish

de-DE German

el-GR Greek

en-GB English (UK)

en-US English (US)

es-ES Spanish

et-EE Estonian

fa-IR Farsi (Persian)

fr-FR French

he-IL Hebrew

hu_HU Hungarian

it-IT Italian

jp-JP Japanese

km-KH Khmer

lt-LT Lithuanian

lv-LV Latvian

mk-MK Macedonian

ms-MS Malaysia

nb-NO Norwegian

nl-NL Dutch

pl-PL Polish

pt-BR Portuguese (Brazilian)

pt-PT Portuguese (European)

ro-RO Romanian

ru-RU Russian

sr-RS Serbian (Cyrilic)

sr-YU Serbian (Latin)

sv-SE Swedish

sw-KE Swahili

ta-IN Tamil (India)

ta-LK Tamil (Sri Lanka)

tr-TR Turkish

uk-UA Ukrainian

vn-VN Vietnamese

zh-CN Chinese (Simplified)

zh-TW Chinese (Traditional)

Complete Still Needed In Work

All language strings must be human translated. We are not looking for 'machine translations' or translations by a tool such as Google or Bing Translate as they are often inaccurate. Before approving a subscription, your submission will be verified for accuracy. Partial translations will not be accepted. All stings must be accurately completed before they are accepted.

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Gain download access and support for six months to NS Recipe.

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