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Form Configuration Requirements

The Stripe for RSForm plugin requires a few specific form settings in order to work properly.


The Submit Button Element

The button type must be set to button. Using input will not trigger the Stripe popup when the user clicks on it. The Stripe library relies on javascript that listens for the button event to trigger the popup.

In the Submit Button Element > Attributes tab, ensure Button Type is set to <button>.






Form Properties - Validation

In the Form Properties > Form Info > Validation, Use AJAX Validation must be set to No.

The AJAX validation function in RSForm conflicts with the Stripe library. If set to Yes, the fields will not validate and users will be able to submit forms with incomplete fields and/or data that does not meet your validation rules.





Form Properties - Payment Email Settings

In the Form Properties > Payment Email Settings the Defer User Email, Defer Admin Email and Defer Additional Emails must be set to Yes.

If set to No, emails will be sent as soon as the Submit button is clicked and before the payment process is completed. Set to Yes, the emails will not be sent until Stripe returns a payment success status back to your site.



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