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Change Log

NS DownloadShop

16 November 2017


This is a security release. We recommend you update your installation as soon as possible. Fixed SQL Injection vector with invoice creation.
01 June 2017


Fixed update function with key check using old domain.
15 May 2017


Added German language pack.
25 April 2017


Updated Stripe library.
08 February 2017


Improved Pay Later plugin to add text-block for payment instructions
08 February 2017


Updated language strings for descriptions
08 February 2017


Replaced regex to fix download issues with special characters in file names
08 February 2017


Fixed coupon calculation bug Stripped unnecessary PDF font libraries from install pack
08 February 2017


Added PDF invoice function. Customers can now generate a PDF invoice from the order details page Added item count in cart to page title Added French translation pack. Thanks to Marc and Sandra Thevenet! Added Spanish translation pack. Thanks to Overhauled slider module admin UI/UX Fixed Joomla 3.5 compatibility issue Fixed SQL error when using email download link
08 February 2017


Added button to apply coupon code during checkout Removed main image from displaying as thumbnail in gallery Fixed gateway menu item link in admin panel Fixed PHP notice on checkout Fixed JS error by updating the terms of service field to use Booststrap 3 modal Removed old modal script
08 February 2017


Fixed missing watermarks in modules Fixed image size issues caused by refreshing the browser and different image dimensions Improved category nesting layout
08 February 2017


This update is a major overhaul of the entire extension with over 100 improvements and fixes. Version 2.0.0 does break some backwards compatibility. If you are upgrading from 1.x.x there are a few things you will need to do:
  • Product images will need to be reloaded and configured
  • Menu types have been changed and will need to be recreated

What's Changed?
  • Added update and support license key function
  • Overhaul of the admin user interface
  • Added drag-and-drop product image upload
  • Added fontawesome icon selector for services
  • Converted front end to use Bootstrap 3
  • Removed front end template function
  • Overhauled the SEF router for cleaner URL's
  • Consolidated menu item types
  • Added help text blocks throughout the admin pages
  • Updated Slider Module to use Bootstrap 3 and is now responsive
  • Update Ajax Search Module to use Bootstrap 3
  • Updated Product Module to use Bootstrap 3
  • Updated Cart Module to use Bootstrap 3
  • Updated Category Tree Module to use Bootstrap 3
  • Replaced social media share icons with social intent icons and added additional networks and email to friend
  • Improved checkout process and layout
  • Improved download layout
  • Fixed renewal process and download counts
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements...
08 February 2017


Fixed dashboard page title Minor admin CSS adjustments
08 February 2017


Revamped dashboard
08 February 2017


Added ability to create custom fields for the checkout process Added ability to require a terms of service checkbox in the custom fields Added new menu types with multiple category selections and front end category filter Added ability to enable/disable price and Add to Cart buttons from grid views Added ability to enable/disable quantity fields Added ability to enable/disable Add to Cart button in the product slider Fixed menu item page display settings bug Fixed product slider layout when price is disabled Fixed search module bug when clicking search with an empty field
08 February 2017


Fixed 500 error cause by trying to make purchases with existing email addresses and/or existing usernames Added the next evolution of custom field management
08 February 2017


Fixed conflict with K2 that prevented New Product view from loading Added function to drop or keep db tables on uninstall Added fallback for help URL due to discussions in Joomla issue tracker Added WYSIWYG editor to text blocks in Options view Fixed page title bug Added initial changes for new custom field functions (feature still in work)
08 February 2017


Added watermark function to global options Added MailChimp and AcyMailing Integration Main images now open in modal Removed empty block when no additional info was provided
08 February 2017


Added login function Users can now download via link in email or by logging in and viewing purchases Added account creation function
08 February 2017


Added Download Count Reset function Fixed table sorting bug in admin list views Fixed modal bug Added On/Off for Display Featured in category view footers
08 February 2017


Added 2Checkout Payment Plugin CSS adjustments and formatting fixed Adjusted payment icon display Added On/Off for Display Featured in category view footers
08 February 2017


Added ability to change usergroup on purchase and expiration
08 February 2017


More CSS adjustments Changed add to cart behavior and added settings to options for "Remain on page, Go to URL, Go to Cart" Changed checkout behavior when total is $0.00. Now will skip the payment process if total is $0.00
08 February 2017


Fixed pagination bug Various CSS adjustments Fixed inconsistent menu names
09 February 2017


Fixed cart fatal error Fixed strict standards errors Fixed missing language string Fixed product save a copy function Improved some styling
08 February 2017


Initial Release.
  • Tuesday, 15 August 2017

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