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Reoccuring Payments

Starting in version 1.5.0 you can accept re-occuring payments in your RSForm via Stripe. You should have already configured the Stripe for RSForm Pro plugin before setting up this ability.

In our example we will setup a reoccuring donation payment.


1. In your form Properties you must set the email notices to "Differed". In your form go to Properties and on the left menu find Payment Email Settings. In there you must set the all of the Defer settings to "Yes".


reform defer emails



2. First we will setup the cancellation confirmation page. When a user creates a reoccurring payment, we will include a link to cancel the subscription in the email notice.

Start by creating an Article, which we will title Subscription Cancellation Confirmation. Here we will add some appropriate text that thanks them for their donations and explains that the user has successfully cancelled their reoccurring payments.

Next we will create a menu item, which shouldn't be located in a visible menu on the front end. We normally create a Hidden Menu and add a Single Article menu item type that points to the article we just created for cancellation.

Once you have created the menu item copy down the NON-SEF URL as we will need it later.


subscription cancel menu item


3. Head back to your Form Fields and add the following fields:

(Payment) Stripe

In the General Tab add the following:

  • Name - field put "Stripe"
  • Label - we'll put "One Time Donation"

In the Attributes field add the following:

  • Publishable key - (This is optional if you have your keys in the main settings. This filed is used for those that need to use multiple Stripe accounts between different forms.
  • Private key - This field is optional if you have your keys in the main settings. This filed is used for those that need to use multiple Stripe accounts between different forms.
  • Image - This field is optional if you have the image set in the main settings or it can be left blank in both areas as the image is not a requirement. This is the image that will display on the payment popup. To use an image upload a 125x125px image to your site's /images/ folder and insert the path to the image into this field.
  • Currency - This field is optional if you have the currency set in the main settings.
  • Prefill email from this field- You can add the name of your email field here and it will pass the email from the form to Stripe so the user does not have to re-enter it into the payment popup.
  • Add recurring option - We'll set this to "Yes" for this configuration.
  • Recurring option label - In this field we will add "Monthly Donation"
  • Subscription period - In this field we will set it to "month"
  • Cancellation URL - Insert the NON-SEF URL from the article/menu item that we created in step 2 here. When a user clicks the cancel URL that is sent in the email notice they will be directed to this confirmation URL.

Note the (Payment) Stripe field should be ordered right above your form submission button.


stripe form element reoccuring



4. Next we'll setup the donation amounts

You can add a pre-set amount using the Single or Multiple Products Fields. In our demo we put an option for fixed amounts with check boxes using the Multiple Product Field, then right below it we added a Free Text Field that says "Or enter a custom amount" and then we placed Donation field. This will allow users to insert the amount they wish to donate.

We ordered those fields directly above the Stripe field in the field configuration.

Next we added a Chose Payment Field so the user can select either a One Time Donation or Reoccurring Donation. That field is ordered directly above the payment amount fields.

The Donation and Multi Product Fields are part of the RSForm Payment plugin and are configured similarly to the PayPal method. Read More about how to use the Donation Field and how to use the Multi Product Field.


5. Finally we will configure the form submission confirmation notices.

First, navigate to the form Properties Tab > Form Info and scroll to the Submission settings.

If you are using the Show Thank You Message you can add some text to thank the user for donating and you can add the cancellation link tag.

The tag for the link is {stripe:cancel_subscription_url}. This link is unique to the user/subscription and will be different for each user.

You should include some basic instructions to the user to explain how to cancel (by clicking the provided link) and we recommend adding a contact email or link to a contact form that they can use in case they lose the cancel link.

Next we will configure the email notifications that get sent to the user after a successful form submission. Navigate to the form Properties Tab > User Emails. Open the Message: Edit the Email Text and customize the email notification to suit your needs. Be sure to include the cancellation link tag so users are able to terminate their subscriptions.

Some of the Stripe tags are not useable due to API limitations with the subscription payment type. The tags that begin with {stripe:card_ , which you can find by clicking the Toggle Quick Add button, will not work as the Stripe API does not pass any card data back for subscription payments.


Our plugin and RSForm does not have the ability to track payments or payment status. The form simply creates a subscription within Stripe.

Most users will need a receipt for tax purposes as well as a reminder that their card was charged. RSForm will only send a notice on the initial form submission. We recommend logging into your Stripe account and using the receipt function that you can customize. You can find more information about the receipts that Stripe can send here:

If you need a more robust subscription setup we recommend using RSMembership (we have a Stipe Plugin for that too!) which will create user accounts, give you the ability to put users in different usergroups, limit access to content/files, generate notices for each payment and track payments.


If you would like an export of our demo form that you can import into your RSForm installation to see how it's configured, open up a support ticket and request a copy and we'll happily send one to you.

  • Friday, 21 July 2017

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