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Time Mismatch

The Meetup API provides epoch time for events.


epoch  ( noun | ep-och , \'e-päk \ )

  1. an event or a time marked by an event that begins a new period or development.
  2. a memorable event or date


For PHP epoch time is the number of seconds starting from Thursday January 1, 1979 00:00 UTC. Here's the current EPOC time if you're interested.

The NS Meet module recives that string of numbers and then needs to convert it to a format that's useful.

We use the timezone that PHP is set to for the conversion so if your event times do not show correctly; you will need to adjust your hosting account to use the proper timezone.

The module does not use the timezone you have set in the Joomla Global Configuration. Some of the earlier versions did, however using the Joomla timezone setting wasn't effiecient (the module would have had to wait for Joomla to load, then grab the timezone and then calculate the date/time. In many cases it would simply error on sites that were slow on overloaded cheap hosts.

Changing the date.timezone setting for PHP varies between hosts. You will need to contact your hosting provider to find out how to change it. It all depends on the server configuration and what the hosting provider allows access to.

  • Monday, 18 July 2016

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