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Extension Subscription Updates


Over the next few days we will be implementing a new download manager for our extensions.


Our current setup using RSMembership along with a custom built license key management extension has always been a bit cumbersome to maintain and release updates. When we built the license key manager we had envisioned making improvements over time to make releasing updates and managing keys simple. The problem was/is, we just have been too busy and never made the time to circle back to make changes to it since developing it over 4 years ago.

Since our implementation of the license key manager a few years ago, there have been a few other solutions released by other Joomla developers that seemingly work far better than ours in its current state. Instead of re-inventing the wheel and spending a lot of development time improving our extension we feel it's more cost-effective in the short and long term to just use an extension that works out of the box.

Over the next few days we will transition over to the new subscription manager.

Over the next few weeks we will be removing our license key function from our extensions and replacing it with the new download ID function that is part of the subscription manager. If you have active subscriptions, your license key(s) will change. 

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