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How To Create 301 Redirects for Joomla!


There will be cases where you need to set up a permanent redirect from an old path to a new path. It also allows search engines to know they need to update the links. I would recommend using redirects via your htaccess file rather than using the redirect manager in Joomla! unless it's only temporary.

Reasons for redirecting URL's:

  • Force your site to display as rather than or vice versa. (Redirecting www to non www)
  • Redirecting file extensions. Ex: to
  • Redirecting URL from old domain to a new domain name
  • Redirecting one URL to another URL path on the same domain name
  • Redirecting a dead link to an updated working URL

Note: A website user should never notice a website redirecting. It should instantly redirect them to the new website URL.



Edit the .htaccess file

  • Log into FTP
  • View your site's root. Usually located in public_html. If you see folders such as "administrator", "cache", "components", etc, then you are in your Joomla! site's folder
  • Find your "htaccess.txt" or ".htaccess" file and open it with an editor by right clicking it and "Open With.." a text editing program
  • Add the following lines, as needed, to the .htaccess file:

Redirect an old URL to a new URL within the same domain.

Redirect 301 /oldpath.html /newpath.html


Redirect a URL to a different domain.

Redirect 301 /oldPath.html http://yournewsite/path.html


Redirect an entire folder to a new path. (Not recommended for SEO reasons)

Redirect 301 /oldPath.html


Redirect an entire domain to another domain.

Redirect 301 /


Of course you would change the path of these URL's to match your own domain name.




Microsoft Server/IIS

Edit the web.config file

< configuration > < location path="about.php" > < system.webServer > < httpRedirect enabled="true" destination="" httpResponseStatus="Permanent" / > < /system.webServer > < /location > < location path="blog.php" > < system.webServer > < httpRedirect enabled="true" destination="" httpResponseStatus="Permanent" / > < /system.webServer > < /location > < /configuration >

If you need to redirect an entire directory to a new path, you can do this, assuming you are opening web.config within that directory:

< httpRedirect enabled="true" destination="" httpResponseStatus="Permanent" / >

That's it! Your redirection should work now.

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