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Creating Menu Items


Now you have created your categories and recipes, it is time to build your website structure: let's take a look at NS Recipe menu items.

NS Recipe menu items

NS Recipe comes with about 15 different menu items:

YooRecipe Menu Items
Add/Edit Recipe
Display a frontend submission form for adding/editing a recipe.
All recipes
Display a list of all recipes.
Alphabetically ordered list of all recipes.
By Chef
Display a list of recipes created by a given user.
By season
Display recipes of a given season.
By tag
Display a list of recipes associated with a given tag.
Favorite Recipes
Display the list of favorite recipes for a given user.
Landing page
Display a category that you can browse on the main page.
List of best-rated recipes
Display a list of best-rated recipes, ordered by note.
List of featured recipes
Display a list of featured recipes.
List of most recent recipes
Display a list of most recent recipes.
List of most-viewed recipes
Display a list of most-viewed recipes.
List of recipes of a given category
Display a list of recipes by a given category.
Meal Planner
Displays a meal planner.
My recipes management
Display the recipe management page of logged-in user.
Display a single recipe.
Search recipes
Display a "Search Recipes" page.
Shopping lists
Displays shopping lists.

NS Recipe Menu Item creation

Click Menus > add menu > Add menu item

Depending on the selected menu, additional options might be available. Example of Landing page:

YooRecipe Landing Page options
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