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General Layout Configuration


NS Recipe comes with a built-in template system. Discover the different layouts

NS Recipe available layouts

NS Recipe comes with pre-defined blog layouts. A blog layout is a menu item page, or a component view, that displays more than one recipe.

Example: most read recipes, latest recipes, favourites recipes, etc.

You can select the layout to use in Component settings.
Components > NS Recipe > Options > Recipes

YooRecipe Layouts
Number of columns
The number of recipes per line.
List length
The maximum number of recipes displayed per page.
Clickable picture
Toggle clickable pictures. Brings the user to the recipe page.
Toggle title display.
Creation date
Toggle creation date display.
Toggle ingredient(s) display.
Read more
Toggle a "Read More" link.
All other fields
All other fields control the display of a recipe field (author, number of views, difficulty, category, cost, rating, preparation time, seasons, etc.).

Front-end Result

Thumbnails Layouts
Single Column Layout
Thumbnails Layouts
Dual Column Layout
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