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Review Configuration


Captcha, comment permissions, recipe ratings, and fields to display.
NS Recipe offers quite a bit of flexibility pertaining to comments.

Enabling NS Recipe Reviews

First of all, you can enable/disable reviews in Component Options
Components > NS Recipe > Comments tab

YooRecipe Comment Options

NS Recipe Reviews Settings

Enable Reviews
Turn On/Off Reviews in NS Recipe.
Auto publish
Whether or not you trust submitted reviews.
Register to review
Users must be logged in to review.
# Reviews to display
The maximum number of reviews to display on page. If this number is reached, your users will be able to click a button to see more reviews.
Limit Reviews
If set to "Yes," a user can review a given recipe only once.
Whether or not email field is displayed in form.
Notify admin
If set, sends an email to admin when comments are posted.
Notify author
If set, sends an email to recipe author when comments are posted.
Use a human check validation prior to sending comments or not. Possible options: none, built-in, Google Recaptcha
Recaptcha keys
Your API keys. Check Google Recaptcha API for more information
Info Comments can be managed and filtered by status from "Comments" back-end screen.

NS Recipe Reviews Manager

YooRecipe Comments Manager

NS Recipe Reviews & Permissions

In order to help you keep a quality cookbook website, NS Recipe enables you to give some users the right to Report Reviews
Components > NS Recipes > Options > Permissions tab

  • Wednesday, 19 July 2017

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