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What Do I Put in all Those Fields?

At first glance the number of fields in the NS Formula may look a bit daunting but once you figure out what they all are for it's pretty easy to use.

nsformula fields

Field1 is the internal field ID. The default is field1, field2, field3 etc. It's what the extension uses to identify the field set. It can be left as the default settings or you can change it so the formulas are easier to manage.

Label is the lable that will show up on the front end.

Value is optional. If you put a value in there it will show up automatically in the input field on the front end. A common use would be interest rates. You want to dispaly a common value but also allow the user to change it to see different scenerios.

ToolTip is optional. If you leave it blank it will not show up on the front end. If you add text, it will show up on the front end when the user hovers over the field label.

There are 6 sets of fields. You do not have to use all 6. Simply leave unused fields empty and they won't display on the front end.

  • Friday, 21 July 2017

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