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  1. Barb Appel
  2. Technical Support
  3. Monday, 02 July 2018
I m having problems with test mode. I have entered both the live and test api keys and have checked them many times so I know they're correct. When I put the plugin in test mode from the configuration tab in rsforms, I get an error saying that the api key is invalid and I don't see the popup credit card dialog. if I switch to live mode, it works, I see the popup but if I enter the test credit card numbers it pops up an error that you can't use the test card numbers in live obviously. I do not have anything entered in the stripe payment field in the form so I'm not overriding it. Am I missing something about using stripe test mode?

You can see it by going to

Now I will say that we previously tried the stripe plugin from RSJoomla and didn't like it. Could there be some residual parts of that that could be affecting your plugin?
I'm including a number of images so you can see the configuration.
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